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Premium Antarctic Krill Oil Blend

Krill Phospholipids have a higher absorption rate than fish triglycerides, which is why Krill Oil has become a superior product to fish oil. It increases the absorption of Omega-3, which provides tremendous benefits to our bodies. Krill oil has been found to aid in cognitive health, eye health, bone and joint health, heart health, and even anti-aging.

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Keybiotics Slim

Keybiotics Slim is more than just a weight loss aid – it’s a powerful digestive aid, designed to help your body cope with the average American diet.

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Keydigest is a proprietary digestive enzyme blend that contains 8 digestive enzymes that target difficult-to-digest food particles such as fat, carbohydrates, and proteins. This helps reduce symptoms of bloating and gas that are so often associated with eating.

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